Fairs And Festivals of Rajasthan


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Baneshwar Fair, Dungarpur:

A religious festival with simple and traditional rituals. This fair is the centre of attraction of a large number of tribals from the neighbouring states of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat who join their brethren from Rajasthan in offering prayers to Lord Shiva.
Baneshwar means the master of the delta and this name was given to the Shiva linga. The Baneshwar fair is a five-day religious tribal fair held at a delta formed by the rivers Som, Mahi and Jakham in the months of January-February.…more on Baneshwar Fair, Dungarpur

Brij Festival, Bharatpur:

The Brij Festival takes place a few days before Holi (the festival of colours) in the month of February. The city of Bharatpur brightens up with the fervour of the Brij Festival.
During this festival people or devotes of Lord Krishna gather at one particular place and celebrate with lot of zeal and dedication. The festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna and His beloved Radha.…more on Brij Festival, Bharatpur

Camel Festival, Bikaner:

Bikaner is the city of Rao Bikaji, the enterprising son of Rao Jodhaji of Marwar, who charted out his own destiny. At Deshnok, he sought the blessing of Karni Devi, a mystic. She prophesied his victory and consequently Bikaner was founded. It came in to being in 1488 A.D.
Come January and your heart begins pounding with joy in the Desert City of Bikaner where modern lifestyle has not even brushed off on its enduring tradition.…more on Camel Festival, Bikaner

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer:

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer is an amazing desert city which was founded by the Rajput Bhatti Prince Rawal Jaisal. Jaisal who felt vulnerable and was seeking a safe place came to Tricuta, south of his cpital lodurva. Here, he sought counsel of the hermit Eesul who related a compelling oracle. According to it, centuries ago, Lord Krishna had predicted that a distant descendant of the lunar clan would rule from Tricuta.…more on Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

Elephant Festival, Jaipur:

The Elephant Festival is an inimitable event held annually in Jaipur. Groomed flawlessly, rows of elephants do a catwalk before an enthralled audience liked best fashion models to make this festival an amazing one.
The elephants move with poise in pageant, run races, play the regal game of polo, and finally participate in the spring festival of Holi.It is festival time with elephants typically celebrated one day before the Holi, Indian festival of colours.…more on Elephant Festival, Jaipur

Gangaur Festival, Jaipur:

Gangaur is one of the most important and widely celebrated traditional festivals of Rajasthan. The word Gangaur is derived from two words Gan a synonym of Shiva and Gauri his consort, Parvati.
A festival devoted to Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. Ishar & Gangaur are the divine male and female ho embody marital love.…more on Gangaur Festival, Jaipur

Mewar Festival, Udaipur:

Mewar Festival is the festival of spring or Rituraj, king of seasons.
Udaipur with its tranquil lakes, surrounded by the breathtaking Aravalli hills, narrow meandering roads and lanes is the ideal location for the festival.
Celebrated during the Hindu month of Chaitra (March-April), the two day festivity is marked by a joyous mood which pervades the environs of Udaipur.…more on Mewar Festival, Udaipur

Nagaur Fair, Nagaur:

Nagaur Fair
A delightful gathering of men and beasts, brisk trading and keen competitions, in a little town of lovable traditions.
The quaint town of Nagaur, one of the most picturesque of Rajput townships. Cordoned in by massive ramparts, royal apartments, palatial houses and temples, it has to be entered through towering gates.…more on Nagaur Fair, Nagaur

Pushkar Fair, Pushkar:

The world famous Pushkar fair is held in the sacred and peaceful town of Pushkar, 11 kms. north-west of Ajmer. It transforms in to a spectacular fair ground for twelve days during the month of Kartik (Oct-Nov).
The famous Pushkar Fair is a great tourist attraction. People from around the globe come to the ancient religious town of Pushkar which is transformed into a spectacular fair ground in the month of Kartik. People bathe, worship and delight in the dazzling wares of roadside stalls.…more on Pushkar Fair, Pushkar

Shekhawati Fair:

The Shekhawati Festival held on 10th and 11th February every year is organised jointly by the State Department of Tourism, District administrations of Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu. Shekhawati, already famous for its frescoes, is fast becoming a rural tourism destination too. Travelling on horse back, the tourists get a closer view of the countryside and the people.
And they return with an indelible imprint of not only the friendliness of the people but also of the agricultural revolution sweeping the villages…more on Shekhawati Fair, Shekhawati

Summer Festival, Mount Abu:

Mt. Abu the only hill station in Rajasthan, situated in the sylvan setting of verdant forests. Abu, according to legend, stands for the Son of Himalaya, deriving its name from Arbuda, the powerful serpent who rescued Nandi, the sacred bull of Lord Shiva, from a chasm.
It is also believed that this was a retreat for the famous sage Vashistha. He performed a fire sacrifice to regenerate the human race and form it were born the Chauhans, a clan of warriors.…more on Summer Festival, Mount Abu

Teej Festival, jaipur:

Teej festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion by the women in India. Since Teej fall at the outbreak of the monsoons, it is also popularly known as the ‘Sawan Festival’. Festival of Teej is dedicated to the divine couple – Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Though Teej is celebrated at various places in India and abroad, major Teej celebrations takes place in the highly cultural city of Jaipur. Here day-long processions and celebrations create a vivid atmosphere.…more on Teej Festival, Jaipur

Urs Ajmer Sharif, Ajmer:

Festivals in Ajmer are an expression of the joyful spirit in this rustic land that was once a strategically important political bastion. Enjoy the bright festivities of the holy Urs that infuse fresh life into the town for six days, once every year. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the memory of the great Sufi Saint Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti.
Urs Ajmer Sharif
The festival exhibits a wonderful amalgamation of culture that trace their roots to the Rathores of Jodhpur, Mughals and the rulers of the Delhi Sultanate.…more on Urs Ajmer Sharif, Ajmer