Rajasthani Art and Culture

Rajasthani Art and Culture

The state of Rajasthan has a very vibrant, highly evolved tradition of performing arts. It is carefully nurtured and sustained over the centuries. The art of Folk Music and Dances is still popular amongst the Urban as well as Tribal people of Rajasthan. Folk Music and dances of Rajasthan arouse the desert in all moods. The spectacular beauty of this state is elated with the Folk Music and dances performed by the native people.
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Rajasthani Music

The brightness of its life, the legends of its heroism and romance are all captured in the vibrant and evocative music of this desert land. The richness and diversity in Rajasthani music comes from a tradition that is very old and undisturbed. It comes from a culture that has imbibed the best from its neighboring states of Sindh, Gujurat, Malwa, Mewar, Haryana and Punjab.
Rajasthani lives are joyfully goverend by the rich evocative heroic plaintive and music. The voices both male and female are strong and powerful.

Musical Instruments Played in Rajasthan

The haunting melody of Rajasthan evokes from a variety of delightfully primitive looking instruments. The stringed variety include the Sarangi, Rawanhattha, Kamayacha, Morchang and Ektara.
Musical Instrument, rajasthan
The Percussion Instruments come in all shapes and sizes from the huge Nagaras and Dhols to the tiny Damrus. The Daf and Chang are a big favourite of the Holi (the festival of colours) revellers.
Flutes and bagpipers come in local flavours such as Shehnai, Poongi, Algoza, Tarpi, Been and Bankia.

Famous Musicians From Rajasthan

  • Asad Ali Khan
  • Hussain Brothers
  • Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
  • Z.M. Dagar

Rajasthani Songs

The Rajasthani songs are the best advertisement for the people and the culture of the state of Rajasthan.The Rajasthani folk songs sung by different communities residing in the state of Rajasthan. These Rajasthani folk songs were actually written years back but have been carried forward by various generations through the last few years.

Famous Singers From Rajasthan

  • Allah Jilai Bai
  • Ila Arun
  • Jagjit Singh
  • Mehdi Hassan
  • Reshma
  • Sherya Ghoshal

Rajasthani Dance

Ghoomar Dance, rajasthan
Rajasthan has been a haven of various folk art forms. A medieval history includes the existence of princely states, which provided patronage to these art forms and their artists. Vibrant, vigorous and graceful, the dances of Rajasthan evoke the desert in all its moods.
The folk dances, found in limitless variations in Rajasthan, punctuate Rajasthan`s barrenness, turning the land into a fertile basin of color and creativity and are an expression of human emotion as much as the folk music.

Famous Folk Dances of Rajasthan

  • Ghoomer Dance
  • Fire Dance
  • Kathputli Dance
  • Kalbeliya Dance
  • Gair Dance

Famous Dancers From Rajasthan

  • Gulabo
  • Manisha Gulyani
  • Puran Bhatt
  • Uday Shankar

Rajasthani Paintings

Painting in Rajasthan has evolved from the hinterlands and has remained immortal in the annals of history.
Phad Painting, Rajasthan
The painting of Rajasthan bears witness to the zeal and elan of the people of Rajasthan. It throws light on the royal heritage of ancient Rajasthan. Various schools of paintings are cultivated and practiced in Rajasthan such as phad paintings, miniature paintings, kajali paintings, gemstone paintings and more.

Different Types of Paintings in Rajasthan

Miniature Paintings : Miniature are the most famous among paintings developed under the patronage of various rulers. The are still continues, though with considerably less patronage, in places like Nathwara, Udaipur and Bikaner, although most paintings made now are copies of old originals. …more on Miniature Paintings in Rajasthan
Pichvais Paintings : Noted among paintings are those made on cloth, known as pichavais, and intended as backdrops for the statue of the temple deity. Originally, these were made for different seasons and festivals for use at worship but later they came to be sold to pilgrims. In this thin layer of starch is applied on the cloth and painting is done in tempera. …more on Pichvais Paintings in Rajasthan
Phad Paintings : Special mention must be made of cloth scroll paintings rendered in folk style known as phads, depicting the lives of local heroes. They tell mostly the story of Pabuji Ramdevji and Dev Narainji whose exploits ar sung by minstrels (bhopas) around the villages. The use of vibrant, raw colors and bold lines and a two dimensional treatment of figures with the entire composition arranged in sections are some of the unique features of these paintings. …more on Phad Paintings in Rajasthan

Famous Painters From Rajasthan

  • B.G. Sharma
  • Shree Lal Joshi
  • Kiran Soni Gupta

Handicraft of Rajasthan

In Concept, In Colour, in Workmanship, the Art and Handicrafts of Rajasthan are incomparable. Be it jewellery, painting, furniture, leatherware, pottery, metal craft or hand-printed textiles, each object has a penetrating and irresistible appeal. An ethnic aura envelopes even the simplest of forms, making each one truly a collectors delight.
Blue Pottery, Rajasthan
It is therefore hardly surprising when people the world over, call Rajasthan a Treasure- Trove of Handicrafts and a Shopperss Paradise …more on Handicraft of Rajasthan.

Famous Handicraft Artist From Rajasthan

  • Badri Lal Chitrakar
  • Gopilal B Lohar
  • Jagdish Lal Raj Soni
  • Kripal Singh Shekhawat

Flim Art of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has the unique distinction of producing the largest number of films in india in Rajasthani language. The first Rajasthani film B.K. Adarsh’s Babasa Ri Laadi was released in 1961.

Famous Rajasthani Flims

  • Babasa Ri Ladli (1961)
  • Baba Ramdev (1963)
  • Veer Durgadas
  • Supattar Binani (1981)
  • Ramu Chanana (1983)
  • Doongar Ro Bhed (1985)
  • Nanand Bhojai (1985)
  • Bai Chali Sasariye (1988)
  • Bawandar (2002)
  • Paheli (2005)
  • Derani Jethan
  • Veer Tejaji (1982)

Famous Film Artists From Rajasthan

  • Asrani
  • Bharat Vyas
  • Hasrat Jaipuri
  • Irrfan Khan
  • Tarachand Barjatya

Other Art

Other Famous Artists From Rajasthan

  • Kanhaiyalal Sethia – Rajasthani Poet
  • Vijaydan Detha – Story Writer
  • Sudhir Tailang – Cartoonist
  • Raghubir Singh – Photographer