Know Above Mehsana

Introduction: Mehsana


  • Mehsana district is located in North Gujarat, about 75 km from Ahmedabad
  • The district borders with Banaskantha district in the north,
  • Patan and Surendranagar districts in the west,
  • Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad districts in the south and Sabarkantha district in the east
  • Mehsana is divided into nine talukas. Mehsana, Kadi, Visnagar, Vijapur and Becharaji are the developed talukas of the district
  • The major crops of Mehsana are Potato, Cotton, Tobacco, Oilseeds, Castor Seeds, Cumin, Psyllium and Anise
  •  Asia’s second largest dairy ‘Dudhsagar Milk Cooperative Dairy’ and largest market yard ‘Unjha’ is located in Mehsana
  •  ‘Sun Temple’ at Modhera is an important tourist destination of Mehsana district Source: Mehsana district profile booklet ,2006-07


Economy and Industry Profile

  •  Mehsana district has witnessed substantial industrial development over the past few years, primarily due to its strategic location.
  • Engineering Industry (mainly metallurgical industries) and Food & Agro processing are the major industries attracting investments in the district
  •  The district has presence of Chemical industry players like Nirma Ltd. which has set up its manufacturing unit in the district producing a range of products like synthetic detergents, soap bars, Sulphuric acid, shampoo and toothpaste
  •  Several petroleum companies are located in and around Mehsana. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has a huge establishment in Mehsana – ONGC asset. Oil division of Essar Group also has presence in the district
  •  Mehsana district also hosts a Co-operative milk dairy – Dudhsagar, which is the second largest milk dairy in Asia processing on an average of 1.42 million litres of milk per day
  • The wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian frozen food major McCain Foods has set up a potato processing unit in Mehsana at a cost of USD 16.1 million Source: Mehsana District Profile Booklet ,2006-07


  • Major crops of Mehsana are Wheat, Cotton, Castor Seeds, Brinjal, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Okra, Mango, Citrus, Sapota, Fennel seed, Psyllium and Cumin.
  • In 2006-07, Mehsana produced 1.37 lakh Metric Tonnes (MT) of Fruits, 2.37 lakh MT of Vegetables and 4.65 lakh MT of Spices
  • Mehsana is the largest producer of lemon in Gujarat contributing 24% to total production of the State.
  • The district is the third largest producer of Tomatoes with 9% share in total vegetable production of the State. Other major vegetables include Potatoes, Cluster bean, Okra and Brinjal
  • Mehsana is the largest producer of Fennel seed with 36% contribution in total Spice production of the State.Cumin seed is other major crop of the district



  • Major minerals of the district include Limestone, China clay, Granite, Building stone and Fire clay
  • Vijapur taluka of the district produces 29% of total production of China Clay in the State (both mining & processing of China Clay is carried out in the district)
  • Lignite and Coal reserves (around 63 billion tonnes) exist in Visnagar taluka of Mehsana district
  • Reserves of Oil and Natural gas are located in Mehsana, Kadi and Becharaji talukas of the district. The district produces 97% of Granite of the State
  • The Mineral based industries in Mehsana are engaged in: nGlazing and Vitrifying tiles Granite cutting and Polishing Micronizing Lavigation (Chinaclay, Fireclay

Major Industries

  •  There are more than 70 medium and large scale industries in Mehsana district primarily operating in Engineering, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy products, Oil and Textiles sectors
  •  The industries are concentrated in Kadi, Mehsana, Visnagar, Vijapur and Becharaji talukas
  •  The units are mainly involved in sectors like some of the major medium and large scale players in the district are shown in Table
  •  Apco Industries Kadi Dyes mCadila Hospital Products Ltd.
  •  Kadi Hospital Equipments
  •  M/s S.P.L Ltd. (Somany tiles)
  • Kadi Tiles Hynoup
  •  Food and Oil Kadi Oil Industries Ltd
  •  Road construction and Maintenance Equipments
  •  Apollo Engineering Mehsana ,
  • Mehsana District Cooperatives
  •  Mehsana Dairy product,
  • Milk Producers Union,
  • McCain Foods Mehsana Potato chips,Nirma Ltd.
  • Mehsana Soaps & Detergents,Mehsana
  • Taluka
  • Vimal Oil & Food Ltd.
  • Name of Company
  • Food products and Oil Production


  • Sun Temple at Modhera – It was built in 1026 A.D and is dedicated to Sun God. This unique piece of architecture is open on all sides, with four doorways and 52 spectacular pillars supporting the walnut-shaped ceiling. There is a cafeteria here run by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat and a Government Guest House.
  • Rani Udaymati Vav – It is the architectural wonder of Gujarat having largest step wells. It is beautifully adorned with 800 stone sculptures and relief. The impressive images of Hindu Gods, their incarnations and their consorts can be seen at this place
  •  Taranga Hills – It is located in Kheralu taluka of the district. Taranga hills are around 1300 feet high from the mean sea level. Rupen river originates from these hills. There is a temple of Lord Ajitnath on this hill which is around 900 years old.
  •  Shanku Water park – It is the first and one of the largest theme water parks in India. It has varied facilities like swimming pool, jogging tracks, boating, horse riding, Indoor-Outdoor games, accommodation, business facilities for corporate meets and seminars, and a restaurant