Mahavidya Maa Kali Puja on Kali Chaudas

Among the Dus Mahavidya’s, Goddess Kali maintains a prominent position. The word /”kali” stands for “the black one”. The complexion of Goddess Kali is black and that is why she is known to be Kali. This word is originated from the Hindi word “Kala” which stands for time, black, lord of death and death.

Benefit of Shri Maa Kali Puja

In the Dus Mahavidya sadhaks sadna, ahakali is considered as the most powerful and influential goddess which gives influential immediate results. Ashtsidhis are attained by the sadhaks by performing this sadhana in a perfect way. There are so many advantages of this sadhna which can be realized just after the Sadhna is completed.

A proper initiation of the Sadhna is required by an efficient Guru( teacher). In his absence also the blessings of Maha Kali can be attained. In order to please the Goddess Kali mantras are chanted, worship is done with her idol or picture and also Yantras (a type of mystical diagram) are used.
These are the other means of worshipping the Goddess which includes offerings, rituals and others. Ma can give you anything and everything in her blessings. Once she is pleased, all the aspirations of an individual can be fulfilled by her.

Ma Kali Puja for Protection

Ma Kali is a protector which protects the individual from:

1. Long-lasting illness.
2. Diseases which cannot be cured.
3. Black magic, its effects and evil spirits.
4. Heavy debts that can make you poor.
5. Hurdles in the success of your business.
6. Betrayal of partner, spouse or best friend.
7. Loss of job on regular basis.
8. Decrease in the rate of success in career or education.
9. Loss in career and no promotion.
10. Origin of problems on the regular basis.
11. Insult through unknown causes.
12. Unfortunate event which can result in some trouble.
13. Bad effect of Saturn planet.

Astrological Significance of Dus Mahavidya Ma kali puja

The list of Shani Doshas is given. For each of them , remedy is required so that the person can get relief from agony and sufferings which are created during these doshas.

1. The time during mahadasa or antardasa(malefic shani).
2. The time duration of shani sade sati.
3. Period of shani dhaiya.
All those who are facing the main and sub period of the Shani(mahadasha and antardasha) or are going through the period of malefic shani then they must carry out this puja of MahaKali Puja on the time of Kali Chaudas. The evil effects of the shani dosha are removed this way.

In order to get rid of the annoyance and misery from the causes that are mentioned above, vamtantra suggests you to perform the Dusmahavidya Maha kali puja so that you can protect yourself and your family form the akaal mrityu, jaadu-tona, evil spirit and others.

On ordering the Puja, the date, time and venue of the puja will be informed to the clients via Email plus a link shall be provided through which you can see your puja live. With this you and your representatives are welcome to attend the same. With this specific puja shall be held for each client

The Puja rituals are performed by learned priests in strict accordance with Vedic rituals.


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